Bump your way around our purpose built track, dodge as many cars as you can as you make your way around.

Great fun for all ages.


For your safety, the following rules must be followed when riding on the Bumper Cars.

Height <90cm: Cannot ride
Height 90cm - 130cm: Must ride with an adult
Height >130cm: Can ride alone

Customers who appear to be intoxicated will be refused entry to bumper cars.
Riders must remain seated until cars have come to a complete stop. No rider is allowed to walk on the track whilst cars are in motion. Riders must be wearing footwear and must be fully clothed. Timezone does not permit any customers to ride this attraction if they have any of the following conditions:
  • Pregnant
  • Back or neck injuries
  • Recent surgery
  • Plaster cast or injured bones
  • High blood pressure
The Bumper cars require customers to be in sound physical condition. Timezone strongly recommends that you observe the ride in operation before deciding to ride. If in doubt, do not ride.
Please be advised that parents take full responsibility for allowing their children to ride this attraction.

Riders must secure all loose items, Timezone does not take any responsibility for any lost or damaged property.