On the 8th of September, Timezone Surfers Paradise was part of the Livingstone Christian College Literacy Lockdown.

The 2-hour fun-filled event was to celebrate all things Literacy and Numeracy. There were activities like celebrity reading and live music.

The celebrity readers sat there for 15 mins to read stories to their attentive audience.

The students were very keen for the event making posts on social media and expressing their excitement.

The program as the title suggests celebrated literacy and numeracy by introducing activities such as Year 1 Pathway Interactive Spelling games, Calculator Challenge, Racing the Radar, Traditional Indigenous Story Telling and Boggle, Blackout Poetry & Sudoku.

For the Racing the radar activity, the police officers made the children run while they measure how fast they are going with their police radars.

There was lots of giggles and smiles whilst Powie was interacting with the students. The Timezone Gold Coast team sold out 200 showbags after only one hour.

Timezone Gold Coast prides itself in participating in educational and youth orientating events such as these.