Timezone Surfers Paradise at The V8 SuperFest Driver Parade

On Sunday 18th of October the V8 Super Fest Driver Parade celebrated the lead up to the 2015 Gold Coast 600 on the weekend from 2pm.

Timezone Surfers Paradise's Powies registered themselves along with other mascots from different traders in Surfers Paradise, the Marching Band from Bond University, Cheerleaders from the Gold Coast Titans at the Q1 in Hamilton Avenue in the Ballroom on Level 2 at 12.30 pm.

The whole squad joined the Powies on Trickett Street. The Timezone team had four bathtub racers flashing Timezone colours with cleverly placed banners at the back of the motorised baths.

The parade begun at the corner of Hanlan Street, turned down to Cavill Mall and Orchid Avenue and hooked back around to the Esplanade.

The streets of Surfers Paradise were filled with movie supercars, floats, cheerleaders, marching bands, and of course V8 Supercar drivers.

The Esplanade was transformed into a carnival of colour, music and motorsport with plenty of performers taking to the streets, alongside local celebrities, V8 Supercars drivers and giant inflatables, to celebrate this week's Castrol Gold Coast 600.

A massive crowd lined up to cheer their favourite drivers before they hit the tricky street circuit from Friday 23rd of October. The Gold Coast 600 three-day event is expected to be jam-packed with cold beverages, models, live music and of course what the crowds all came to see-racing!

It was quite a hot day and we command all the mascots who participated in the parade. We specifically thank two of our Customer Service Attendants Lucy Gromova and Sarad Limbu, for being our Powies for the day.

The V8 SuperFest Parade was another great prequel to what was to come at the GC600. It was great to provide free entertainment to the community and to flaunt Timezone colours to the public.